Luis R. Mejia


Luis Mejia, an engineer by education and training, has been a Silicon Valley doer for over 30 years and has used that experience to continue to spur the region’s innovation engine.  As a Senior Associate in Stanford’s Office of Technology Licensing, he manages a portfolio of over 300 technologies ranging from biotech to cleantech, including Stanford’s two biggest patented cases.  In his 25 years at Stanford, he has negotiated over 250 licenses, and shepherded over 700 inventions, including the PageRank Algorithm which was the disruptive technology that led to the creation of Google.

Mr. Mejia has been a founder and advisor to several Silicon Valley start-ups and is currently scaling up his newest disruptive creation called Stanford Innovation Farm Teams

Social Media:

Website - Innovation Farm Teams

Twitter - @StanfordOTL  @stanfordifarm

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