Henry Elkus


Henry Elkus is Founder and CEO of Helena.

Helena is a think-tank of global leaders focused on executing projects that improve the world. In frequent meetings around the world, Helena works alongside its members to produce projects that address global issues and develop innovative technologies. Members of Helena include Four-Star Generals, artificial intelligence experts, Fortune 100 CEOs, Nobel Laureates, Academy Award Winners, Olympic athletes, explorers, and more. Half of Helena’s members begin their time in the organization at age 25 or younger; this cohort of Helena’s members was described by the Huffington Post as “perhaps the world’s most impressive cluster of young leaders."

Helena's past and current projects have sought to address elements of climate change, global security, economic inequality and the development of advanced technologies. In 2017, Helena’s directly supported the launch of Climeworks, the world’s first commercial plant to capture CO2 from the air.

Outside of Helena, Henry serves as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at The Boston Consulting Group and a Special Advisor to the Berggruen Institute. Henry is a contributor to, and the youngest panelist on the Wall Street Journal’s online small business panel. Other panelists include Wharton Professor Karl Ulrich and University of Chicago Booth School of Business Professor James Schrader.

Henry left Yale University after two years to operate Helena full time. He is 22.

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