Gregg Breinberg & P.S. 22 Chorus


The music teacher behind the P.S. 22 choir and Internet sensation, Gregg has inspired countless youngsters at one of those everyday public schools filled with kids from all walks of life to reach for heights they could never have imagined or accomplished on their own. He is a young man with incredible passion and a never-ending commitment to his craft and his students. He is also proof positive of what a great teacher can accomplish. To garner the level of success PS22 has reached, there has to be both hard work and luck. Utilizing powerful arrangements and an eclectic repertoire of musical choices, Gregg saw to it that the students took care of the first part. They then caught the attention of the likes of Perez Hilton, Ashton Kutcher and a few others who went on to make America aware of these amazing young singers. Thanks to the kind words of these and other celebrities, PS22 chorus videos have now received more than 14 million views across the Internet.

The Webby Award-winning PS22 Chorus was formed in the year 2000. We are an ever-changing group of 5th graders from a public elementary school in Staten Island, New York. PS22 is NOT a school for the arts, and the chorus is not a magnet program. PS22 Chorus just features ordinary children achieving extraordinary accomplishments — musically and otherwise. PS22 Chorus has been featured on Oprah (twice!), Nightline, Good Morning America, MTV, Sesame Street, and, perhaps most notably, at the 2011 Academy Awards, closing the show with a stunning rendition of “Somewhere of Over The Rainbow!” The kids have sung with Katy Perry, Gym Class Heroes, Phillip Phillips, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah, Tori Amos, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Hudson, and a host of other amazing artists! Additionally, the chorus has performed for President Obama, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks and a host of others. The group even sang backup vocals on the critically acclaimed album Manners from Passion Pit.

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