When You Give David Lynch A Hammer…


Last Friday at the sixth annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, we honored filmmaker David Lynch for his work with the David Lynch Foundation, which has become a powerful force introducing Transcendental Meditation as a healing and stress-reducing program to hundreds of thousands of children and adults. We welcomed TM educator of 40 years and the Foundation’s Executive Director (and a Disruptor Foundation Fellow), Bob Roth, to accept on Lynch’s behalf when we heard that Lynch couldn’t make it to Awards.

So what happens when you DO give David Lynch a hammer? We sent one to him couple of weeks ago and hoped for a 30-second thank you video. What we got was an almost 5-minute short film voiced by Lynch and starring a Barbie doll–a little bit dreamlike, a little bit macabre…but blew away all the David Lynch devotees. One well-known TM expert in the audience commented: “Just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.”  

You really have to think about the Barbie Doll/Trixie motif. Heavy stuff..

Take a look:

Turns out, we have a history of quirky acceptance videos where Honorees leave us speechless with their creativity instead of taping themselves giving a traditional speech… remember last year’s Kanye West/Rick Rubin mashup of clips and sounds (a tribute to the Roland-808 drum machine) directed by Mark Romanek? Coincidentally, Rick Rubin received the “Lifetime of Harmony Award” from the David Lynch Foundation in 2014. Rick Rubin also made us a fantastic video in 2012 reminiscent of a black and white silent film.

Angela Brugioni