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Hilde Kate Lysiak is the publisher of the monthly newspaper Orange Street News, based out of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Hilde recently received widespread acclaim for her reporting of community news and her response to critics questioning her ability to cover serious news because of her age and gender. Hilde has held the distinction of being named America’s most ambitious journalist and one of the top stories of 2015 by NBC TODAY. Hilde began her journalism career at an early age, following her father, journalist Matthew Lysiak, around the country as he reported on breaking news for the New York Daily News. 

Hilde’s monthly newspaper, The Orange Street News, has over five hundred subscribers, a circulation of five hundred and is read by hundreds of thousands more on her website.Hilde’s journalism efforts have been profiled in the New York TimesColumbia Journalism Review, The New York Daily NewsNBC TODAY LeanInMighty Girl, TIME for Kids, and hundreds of other newspaper and television stations around the world.

When Hilde isn’t on her bike chasing breaking news, she likes to act, watch reruns of Law and Order, and listen to Taylor Swift. Hilde aspires to write a book and one day own a publication that is “bigger than the New York Daily News.”

Isabel Rose Lysiak is a twelve year old writer/musician/actress from Selinsgrove, PA. Isabel is in charge of multimedia for the Orange Street News, where she produces, edits, and directs all video content for the Orange Street News. Isabel also has the distinction of being America’s youngest paid advice columnist where her work on Ask Izzy, which appears every Saturday in the Sunbury Daily Item, has earned national acclaim for its common sense approach to everyday problems encountering teens and pre-teens. Isabel has also appeared in the New York Times, New York Daily News, CCN News 8, WKOK Drew and the Crew, the Mark Lawrence Show, and profiled by the popular online website Kidz World. Izzy also works as a staff writer for the Pennsylvania based magazine Monroe Living. Isabel loves to act, and she recently performed as the lead, Heidi Mayerson, in the debut of the play, Heidi’s Monkeys. Last December Isabel released her first album, “Christmas in Selinsgrove.”

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