Tom Higbee


Tom Higbee is the founder of New World Spirits, a company that cultivates new taste experiences from around the world while investing in the communities in which it operates. 

In 2010, Tom created Solbeso, the world’s first spirit distilled from fresh cacao fruit. This landmark product has been recognized as the first new category of spirits in nearly 200 years, offering an important source of income to fair-trade family farms across the Andean region. Importantly, because Solbeso is made from the by-product of chocolate production, its sustainable sourcing lessens industry’s impact on the local environment.  

A frequent speaker on Innovation, Tom draws inspiration from his travel and work in over 80 countries, where he advises clients ranging from grower co-ops to multinational corporations on how to transform challenges into opportunities.  You can read more about the work of Tom Higbee and New World Spirits in Forbes, Bloomberg News, The Washington Post and a wide variety of Food & Beverage publications. 

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