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From Musician to Filmmaker David began his work life as a musician. At 22, he was offered the position of second oboe in the renowned Minneapolis Symphony. Instead, he decided to become a “filmmaker.” His first films were about musical themes, and at age 24 he was recognized by the United States Information Agency as one of the ten best young filmmakers in America. Television & Corporate Communications In the mid 1970s, David moved into corporate communications and learned that craft from Herb Schmertz, the well-known and widely regarded head of PR and Advertising at Mobil. Hoffman developed similar communications programs for UTC, Aetna, Motorola, TRW, Merck, Merrill Dow, Fidelity, AT&T, and Sony, among others.

David also worked for major institutional clients, such as the ASPCA, The American Cancer Society, The Air Force Association and NASA. Prime Time Television In his career he has made more than 150 television documentaries and series for PBS, Turner, A&E and Discovery. These included his 6-part PBS series “Making Sense of the Sixties” and his 4-part Turner Network series “Moonshot,” which won the Peabody Award for best prime-time television series. During his career, David has also made dozens of educational films and films for nonprofit organizations. Feature Filmmaking During his 50-year career, Hoffman has made five feature-length documentaries, including “King, Murray,” an experimental feature film about a Long Island salesman who goes to Las Vegas on a junket to gamble with other high rollers. “Earl Scruggs: His Family and Friends,” starring Scruggs with Bob Dylan, Doc Watson, and The Byrds; “Sing Sing Thanksgiving,” filmed in New York’s Sing Sing Prison and starring B.B. King, Joan Baez and others; “It’s All Good,” a film chronicling the lives of two aggressive inline skating teams in New York City and Los Angeles, and Sputnik Mania: the story of The Sputnik Moment and what happened to America as a result.

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