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Leticia was raised in Brazil, a country rich in diversity and contrasts. Her upbringing exposed her to an inherent understanding of the injustice that exists between the so-called “haves” and “have-nots.” Realizing this injustice existed globally she decided to dedicate her life accordingly. Today Leticia is the Co-founder and Executive Director at 109 World - a non-profit organization that helps social media influencers leverage their networks and community of millions of followers through humanitarian trips to drive resources and awareness to pressing global challenges. The ultimate goal is to empower everyone everywhere to become a humanitarian. Leticia is also a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council.

Previously, she was the Atlantic Regional Director for the Hult Prize Foundation – the world’s largest student social entrepreneurship competition run in partnership with President Bill Clinton.  Before that she was responsible for designing and managing official political and trade delegations for the Danish embassy in Brazil.

Being immersed in this community, for the past 7 years, of self-identified “social entrepreneurs” was eye opening for Leticia, but her biggest take away was really unexpected. She realized that most of the world doesn’t identify as a change agent - This realization is what ultimately drives her and her work with 109 to give rising social media influencers and their millions of followers the tools and inspiration they need to start acting as change-makers.

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