Chris Fabian


Christopher Fabian is the co-lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit in NY. The Innovation Unit focuses on how technology for development can benefit the organization and improve the lives of children. The work done by the team in New York is thematically centered around Health, Education, Child Protection and Nutrition. Operationally the team looks at everything from uses of new and existing technologies to improve UNICEF’s work in the field to new types of partnerships for engaging external thinkers in developing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The group works exclusively with scalable, adaptable open-source technologies and ensures that local capacity and technical knowledge-building “in country” is a priority in every prototype and engagement.

Specializing in the confluence of media, technology, education, and communication, Christopher has been with UNICEF since 2006. His academic background is in Philosophy and Philosophy of Literature from the American University in Cairo and Trinity College, Dublin. Prior to New York, Christopher was working in the private sector in Tanzania and Egypt and teaching in Lebanon.

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