Bradley Feinstein


Bradley Feinstein is a non-stop innovator with a boundless passion for finding better solutions to real life problems.

At Capgemini and American Express, he traveled the world taking on strategic engagements in London and Hong Kong. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder and was eager to prove himself as an established, forward-thinking entrepreneur.

In 2012, Bradley and his partners founded Petstablished, a web-based software company created to assist animal shelters in managing their daily tasks. As a lifetime lover of animals, he proudly notes that his software has assisted in the adoption of over 10,000 pets.

His latest venture is Dropel Fabrics. As co-founder, Bradley is blazing the trail as the world’s first hydrophobic ingredient brand. Dropel is making quite a splash with features in Bloomberg Business, Forbes, and Time, among many others. This water and stain resistant proprietary fabric technology is revolutionizing the industry from uniforms to high-end fashion. Most recently, Dropel has been selected by SXSW as an Innovative World Technology.

He holds a B.A. Degree in Psychology and Linguistics from Emory University and M.A. Degree in Industrial and Organization Psychology from NYU. Bradley continues to use his education and insatiable energy as an innovator to create meaningful companies with a deep purpose.

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