Misal Giuseppe Memeo


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Misal Giuseppe Memeo is a Science Advisor, Researcher, Gastronaut and Disruptor.

Grown up in Italy, he learnt to make home-made pasta before he could walk, and when he learnt how to walk he won two U23 Italian championships in track and field (110 hurdles & 4x100 relay) having the honor of being part of the Italian national team. While overcoming several hurdles, he graduated cum Laude in Organic Chemistry.

After the defense of his PhD thesis, awarded at a national level as the most innovative ones in his field, and some time spent abroad (University of Cambridge, University of Leiden etc.), he realized that his way of making chemistry, was similar to the way he was still making food at home: technic, inspiration and beauty. While publishing scientific papers and nagging producers of amazing local produce, he started to teach food chemistry and cook professionally for private events and show cook.

While the numbers on the counter of made pasta were increasing exponentially, the pages of written scientific literature were piling up and thanks to a continuous flow of contamination with startuppers, entrepreneurs and researchers, he started to advise institutions and companies on how to monitor emerging trends and evaluate the impact of disruptive innovations on society and economy.

Engaged in several other projects, from science diplomacy to the promotion of his territory (Oltrepò Pavese – one of the best wine areas in Italy) he is also attending an M.B.A. on digital transformation and exponential organizations, in order to disrupt even better what is coming next.

Disruptor Awards