Harry Grammer


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Harry Grammer is an activist, scholar, and poet and founded New Earth in 2002 and since then has been an integral part of reforming the juvenile justice nationwide system. In 2017, New Earth was honored as Non-Profit of the Year by California Senator Holly Mitchell and and Harry was honored as a CNN Hero. As the Founder and President, Harry brings his leadership and visionary spirit, along with an extensive background in teaching poetry, advocacy and self-expression to incarcerated and at-risk youth. For 13 years, Harry has been the head instructor and training for all New Earth programming that is offered to over 1,500 incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth per year in Los Angeles County. Harry has personally worked directly worked with over 10,000 youth since the inception of the organization. In addition to developing and teaching core curriculum, and designing new programs, Harry also trains and manages New Earth staff both in detention centers and at New Earth’s two charter school reentry centers. He has a stellar track record with an 83% success rate in keeping the youth he works with from recidivating and on a path of productivity. Harry is currently a Ph.D. candidate in psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara.

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