Matt Chamlin


Matt Chamlin has been president of nine consumer product companies including Lark Luggage, Burlington Hosiery, Ellesse, Arrow Shirts, Cybergenics and Izod-Lacoste.  He has also held senior executive positions at Revlon, General Mills, Merck and Reebok.  He is a graduate of Columbia College, received an MBA from Columbia School of Business and subsequently taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Pratt Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, Fordham University and New York University.  He has been a consultant on marketing, organizational development and strategy issues with several dozen corporations including start-ups and mid-sized companies particularly in the sports, athletic apparel and footwear industries.

More recently he was worked in the private equity area as an adviser, consultant and investor both domestically and internationally.

Prior to graduate school Matt worked with Louis Harris, the political pollster to then president John F. Kennedy and as assistant to Samuel Lubell the political columnist and pioneer political pollster.

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