Colin Miles Campbell


Colin Miles Campbell is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wikiburg, a digital platform that allows individuals and non-profits to organize, launch and crowdfund community movements with real-time engagement and visualization. The idea for Wikiburg was seeded through Save Domino, the grassroots campaign he led to keep Brooklyn’s iconic pre-war sugar refinery from high-rise condo development. The huge task of challenging a multi-million machine meant a resourceful use of his background in art, civics and commerce, ultimately funding the campaign by creating original artwork. The son of preservationists who’d spent summers restoring Frank Lloyd Wright homes, he saw Domino as a dystopic realization of how urban planning can fail communities when they’re left out of the decision making process.

A concept designer for the past 18 years, he’s conceived and executed hundreds of high-profile projects for Fortune 500 companies and artists, such as AC Giannini, Chanel, Clockwork Apple, Chautauqua Ballet, David Copperfield, ENK Shows, Eve Sussman, Jacobo Borges, Nevada Ballet & Theatre Company, NYFestivals, Peter Brandt, Safilo East & West, Shotgun Productions, TED, Topiary Productions, William Jefferson Clinton, Urs Fischer, and the Washington Ballet. He’s managed dozens of large-scale events, building and directing creative teams with production budgets of upwards of half million dollars for a single event. He also founded ClearQuest Group – a Brooklyn-based tech company that designs and develops environmentally sustainable solutions for the consumer market.

Campbell is an active member of CUE, the Committee For Urban Entrepreneurship, and the subject of a Vice story for HBO currently in production. Wikiburg was also selected as a beta member of Civic Hall, the community workspace for technology start-ups working towards social good. He lives in Brooklyn.

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