Veronique Pittman


Veronique Pittman is an activist in the areas of participatory culture, sustainable towns, indigenous rights, women’s health and livelihoods. In an effort to support sustainable enterprises in less-developed countries, Veronique helped launch companies including Rainforest Native, which imports fair-trade ecological products from the Amazon Rainforest (now supported by Global Goods Partners), and Casa Dragones Tequila. 

In addition to her social entrepreneurship Veronique is a Member, Board of Directors of the Green Schools Alliance, and co-founder of the La Calaca Art & Culture Festival in Mexico and Pittman Study Away Program of Corcoran School of Arts and Design. She is a Trustee of The Rainforest Foundation,, Global Goods Partners, and Bedford 2020. Furthermore, she is on the Advisory Board of the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Veronique strives to strengthen communities by connecting creative, resourceful individuals to each other, to their communities, to their environments. Veronique is a Mother of two beautiful children and wife of Robert Pittman. 

Disruptor Awards