Kathryn Tucker

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Kathryn Tucker is an award-winning film producer and tech startup founder. Kathryn produced Sundance Audience Award Winner THE STATION AGENT (Miramax, 2003), for which she won the 2004 Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award. Kathryn was a producer on the documentaries STEVIE (2003) and YOUSSOU N’DOUR: I BRING WHAT I LOVE (2008). She was an executive on the production of Academy Award-winning documentary THE FOG OF WAR (2003) from Errol Morris. Kathryn is currently writing a tv show about the perils of online dating and has written a feature script about net neutrality and civic participation.

In addition to her work in film, Kathryn is the founder of tech startup RedRover, an event data platform and consumer app in 2010. RedRover began as a social network focused on prompting parents and caregivers to connect with each other and to participate in enriching activities in their local communities. In 2019 RedRover will relaunch as an expanded service for the general public.

Kathryn is at work on a project developing alternative investment and governance structures for tech products and platforms which privilege the public good over shareholder profit. She is interested in mitigating the abuse inherent in unbridled profit motive on the internet and in supporting products that maximize the transformational potential of digital services for human utility alone.

Kathryn holds a degree with honors in philosophy from Tulane University and won a postgraduate fellowship from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation for scholarship in art theory. Kathryn lives in New York City and Shelter Island, New York, with her two children.

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