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Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius is the principal at Kaospilot, a renowned disruptor in higher education. Kaospilot is recognized by UNESCO, Fast Company, Monocle and BusinessWeek for challenging current practices by introducing highly innovative educational design that develops leadership and fosters entrepreneurship. Christer and his team are rewriting the rubrics and introducing new ways to advance people through practice.

His area of research at Tilburg University and the Taos Institute evolves around strategy, leadership and innovation and he is also a visiting professor at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, on the Academic Board of Moebio and is an Associate Scholar at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability at Cumbria University. Christer is a member of The Forum d’Avignon, a think-tank dedicated to culture and creative industries, as well as The Danish Technology University innovation Forum. For more than 15 years, he has been working in the fields of leadership, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has lectured and advised companies on 5 continents, and worked in more than 25 countries for private companies, NGOs and public organizations alike. He is a frequent contributor to both international and Danish media.

Christer is married to Helle and is the father of Gustav and Alvilda. They live in the countryside outside Aarhus in Denmark. Music, nature, adventures and good company keep him inspired.

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