Nancy Smith


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Nancy has joined the Child Mind Institute whose mission is to help transform the lives of children and families struggling with mental health issues. She is an Executive Volunteer Advisor Corporate Partnerships and Alliances.

When she originally joined the nonprofit world, Nancy had been the Executive Leader of Corporate Partnerships and Alliances for which was founded by the Poses Family Foundation and operated by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. This work was designed to create new and innovative partnerships and relationships with corporations to help amplify awareness, funding and resources for and NCLD. She was excited to join this team to pursue her passion for social good and to help impact more parents, educators and ultimately the struggling 1 in 5 children with learning disabilities so they can better succeed in school and in life. She now is focused on Child Mind Institute which was a founding nonprofit partner of

Nancy came to Understood as an accomplished Marketing and Media Industry leader.
During her 21 year career at American Express as Vice President, she led American Express in its development of innovative digital initiatives, experiential, sponsorship, content, and influencer marketing. She initiated and led business alliances with key media corporations which advanced American Express' digital brand strategy, presence, and deep partnerships in the social media space including Facebook, Twitter and Google. Some of her most rewarding personal and professional experiences involved leading and forging new pathways on higher purpose and cause marketing including the founding partnership with Tribeca Film Festival to reenergize downtown NY post 9/11 and the creation of Members Project which was an innovator in rewarding customers for volunteerism and the first to develop crowdsourcing for Foundation grants on Facebook. Numerous programs were top industry award winners including the Cause Marketing Forum Halo award for Members Project.

Over the years, she has held multiple Board positions both within the Advertising and Media Industry and in the Social Good space. She remains an Honorary Board Member of the Ad Council. Additionally, she has received numerous Industry recognitions and awards for leadership, mentorship, innovation, creativity and business results. 

Prior to American Express, Nancy served as publisher for the Parenting magazine group at Time Inc. She began and developed her career in advertising and media at Young & Rubicam Inc. where she rose from entry level to Executive Vice President. She holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

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