Iman Oubou


Iman Oubou is a proud Moroccan American who is truly a self-made inspiration. She is the ideal blend of inner and outer beauty and is always seeking to better the world around her.

While her outer beauty is obvious, Iman has used her pretty in the best way possible. She won the title of Miss Colorado U.S. International 2012, Miss New York United States 2015, and most recently placed an impressive 2nd runner up in the Miss United States Pageant. Think that’s just a bunch of bikinis and big hair? Think again.

Since receiving her BS Degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from Colorado State University, then a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver, Iman has been using her public image and passion for science to improve lives around the globe. She has accompanied “Mission To Heal” on missions to South Sudan, Nigeria, Ecuador, and organized a mission to her native Morocco in 2014, where she worked with local hospitals in the Souss region. Iman continues to be a spokesperson and coordinator traveling to developing countries to help restore proper healthcare.

“I have been pursuing my career in the biomedical field and it has been a successful one. However, I have big entrepreneurial aspirations and I am currently working on a few business projects.”

Iman’s move to New York City further ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. After encountering several successful female entrepreneurs, she was inspired to begin her podcast, Entrepreneurs En Vogue. Her podcast, now turned into a leading media platform, highlights the career paths of successful millennial female entrepreneurs in hopes of helping others turn their dreams into reality.

Another one of Iman’s dreams she’s turning into reality? A skincare line, which combines her passion for science and her native country Morocco, called Moroccan Heritage.

Quickly gaining the attention of Gen Next, an invitation-only organization of successful individuals dedicated to tackling the most pressing challenges facing future generations, Iman has been a regional director since June 2015.

Iman’s ultimate goal? “I would like to build a community for us women to empower each other and insist on each other’s success…I hope to encourage young women to think as entrepreneurs and show them that women are leaders, creators and mentors.”

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