Mark Miller


Working for more than 20 years in the communications industry, in both Canada and the United States, Mark has achieved a reputation for intersecting creativity with intelligence to help global brands drive change. His thinking has been recognized in North America by many of the most significant competitions in marketing and advertising such as the ARF David Ogilvy Awards for research excellence, the Jay Chiat Awards for strategic excellence and the Effie Awards given for marketing effectiveness. Recently, his insights work around the shared values of the Global Affluent Tribe, affluent people more connected by the things they love than by the places they live, was distinguished by The Internationalist magazine. Mark was named a Trendsetter and an Agency Innovator by The Internationalist for thought leadership on global branding.

Currently, Mark and his strategy team at Team One, a division of Saatchi & Saatchi with global expertise in premium categories and aspirational consumers, are leading a pioneering study on what it means for marketers and brands to create legacy in the age of now. The study examines legacy authors, legacy assemblers and legacy artifacts. That is, the people writing history every day, the people they inspire to bring the past forward, plus the physical and digital products and experiences they (co-)create to build a lasting legacy. If conventionally, legacy refers to the past, the goal of this new study is to understand it, unconventionally, as a still-vital part of today.

Mark’s legacy work, like the Global Affluent Tribe work, is not characteristic of the thinking done by most ad agencies. However, it is characteristic of the approach taken by Mark, his team of strategists, and everyone at Team One, as part of a real commitment to disruptive innovation.




The Internationalist (Agency Innovators)


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