Phoenix Eyre

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Phoenix Eyre is a 29 year old impact technologist. He received his Masters in Social Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and has dedicated his career to creating profitable, large-scale solutions for global human development. His career began in the research and development of self-sustaining and self-replicating communities for at-risk populations (orphans, widows and refugees). 

Once the crisis in Syria became more complex, he shifted his research towards creating digital solutions that could be mobile. That research became a stable virtual reality city that would provide universal education, digital employment and rapid collaboration on global issues. He formed the for-profit tech company, The Genesis Development Collaborative, or GenDev, to be a social enterprise that used its technology to create substantial profit that would in-part benefit sustainable human development globally. Phoenix partnered with a series of game developers, defense contractors, scientists, investors and philanthropists to gather the necessary technology over the past three years to create and stabilize this digital city of entertainment and impact. They began calling the new virtual city, Terra Prime, the first digital city of human development that is for all people – and is without one singular language, generation, government, religion or race. Terra Prime beta will be releasing to the public in 2018.

Phoenix then began partnering with various movie studios, universities and foundations to create the platform for rapid human development that was financially powered by for-profit entertainment rather than just government budgets or grants. Holographic concerts, travel and games so realistic that you feel you’re living in a movie are now technologically achievable. GenDev is currently working on a large joint-venture to release the most immersive mixed reality entertainment experience to date with a major movie studio in Los Angeles where 25% of the profits will fund GenDev’s three primary impact programs: Universal Education, Digital Employment, and The Human Development Prize.

GenDev’s Universal Education initiative is collaborating with major universities in California, IBM, and the UN to help provide individualized and adaptive education for all people worldwide with access to the internet or GenDev’s impact servers. The beta will release in late 2018.

The Digital Employment initiative is creating new work/study positions in the virtual world for refugees in UN programs, and American teens in partnered mentoring programs as they are exiting the justice system into the new impact employment and training programs. The beta will release in late 2018 but then be opened to the rest of the global population for applications after the beta program.

GenDev’s Human Development Prize utilizes repurposed defense software to allow individual researchers, engineers and businessmen and women around the world to join together in holographic laboratories to collaborate on new prototypes and businesses to profitably provide rapid global solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The first prize is set to launch in late 2018 in Terra Prime’s Human Development Forum. 

Phoenix and GenDev are always looking for high-caliber partners, collaborators and applicants that understand the complexities of the global issues being engaged, the combined for-profit and philanthropic mindsets of GenDev and its global partners, and have an active willingness and ability to amplify either the for-profit entertainment or philanthropic rapid human development initiatives. Please contact office@gendevcollaborative.comwith inquiries.

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