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Marcia L. Dyson is one of America’s most respected civic-social activists and communication specialist. She is the President and CEO of M and M Dyson, LLC an international consultant enterprise in matters of business development, marketing, political strategies and social engagement.  She is the founder and CEO of Women’s Global Initiative, a for-profit entity to enhance the lives of women via wealth, education and civil participation.  Dyson recently initiated “Ring Out Gun Violence” to deter the ritual of using firearms during holiday celebrations and to fund anti-gun violence organizations and new gun law reforms.

Dyson served as a Presidential Scholar at Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C.; was a social justice think tank executive board member for Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas and an advisor to Howard University’s international programs.   Dyson is also an affiliate of Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice, Research and Teaching, in Washington, D.C.

Dyson co-founded Umoja School in her hometown to address the special education needs of urban and underserved children.   She designed programs in math and science aimed to improve studies children behind in class and grades.  An advocate for fair and just education, Dyson is a member of National Cares Mentoring and works tirelessly to enlist community leaders to become active in public school policies and mentoring.

She has served as the first chief of staff for Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Operation Push International Trade Bureau.   And, is a continuing member of PUSH Excel.  She was over 30 staff members, produced the Bureau’s newsletter, created and executed multi-country conferences and conventions around discussions of trade, foreign policy, economic development and education.  

She served as the Public Information Officer (POI) for the Mayor’s Office of Special Events for the City of Chicago, where she built bridges across the diverse 87 ethnic communities through cultural diplomacy and world-class events. She was the city’s host to foreign dignitaries including presidents, queens and kings, chieftains and prime ministers.  In her position as POI Dyson was the liaison to the Illinois Tourism Board, McCormick Authority Convention Center Board, Illinois Film Office and Chicago’s religious community.

Dyson was Senior Vice President of R. J. Dale Advertising and Public Relations Company and Senior Manager for Margie Korshak Associates where she created and executed major marketing plans and special events. 

Dyson has been championing for women’s rights globally for over 20 years.  Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, selected Dyson to be on the Women’s Global Summit Leadership board.  Zainab Al-Suwajj, President of the American Islamic Congress, invited her to join her in Cairo, Egypt to interact with women of Islam faith who represented every Muslim country to create a Modern Narrative for Muslim Women.

Dyson is a member of many women’s organizations, including the Black Women’s Round Table, which acts as a liaison to the White House on female concerns and social justice.  She is a member of Face to Face which addresses cultural differences among women, diplomacy and social justice for women globally; and Dyson is a board member of the Middle East Peace Working Group, whose goal is to create a civic participation and conversation between Israeli and Palestinians and how this resolve can serve as model and understanding of conflict in the Middle East amongst tribunal communities.  She has travelled to conflict regions in the Middle East to understand the plight of the children in these war torn countries.

Dyson was named the first Chaplain for the Coalition of Hope. The Coalition of Hope Foundation, comprised of active and retired military men, which seeks to provide a forward deployed, ocean-going, quick response platform that in addition to state-of the-art hospital facilities, includes an array of multinational medical personnel, highly trained first responders, extensive air-lift capability, heavy equipment, emergency supplies, food and water. 

Dyson is also an executive advisor and consultant to the Conference of World Mayors whose global outreach has created greater democracies in Africa, the Caribbean and South America. And, she is a member of the World’s Affair Council and National Professional Women Association (NAPW). 

Dyson has a passion for the rebuilding of Haiti forward. She works tirelessly towards that goal as a former consultant to the Clinton Foundation on behalf of the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission. She was a board member of Nap Advanse (We Advance) an Haitian organization that challenges domestic violence and other social injustices toward women in Haiti; and, is a member of Femmes En Democratie, whose goal is to ensure political representation in parliament for women in Haiti and provide training in good governance and economic development.  

She is an Ambassador of Peace for the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). UPF, launched in 2001 and Ambassadors for Peace is the largest and most diverse network of peace leaders.

Dyson is Goodwill Ambassador for Africa 2.0, a consortium of young entrepreneurs from the Diaspora and a board member of the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. Dyson is on first name basis with dignitaries in government, entertainers, athletes and media personnel. She is a contributor to Essence magazine, New Deal 2.0, The Grio, The Root and Huffington Post.

She has utilized her knowledge to promote the commonalities and benevolence of all faiths. Her spiritual wisdom and insight has been shared in historic lecterns across America, on lecture stages at many of the nation’s outstanding universities, and on the pages of some of our country’s most provocative magazines and books. She currently resides in Washington D.C.  She holds a B.S. in Business Administration degree from the University of Illinois, and she completed a University of Chicago Executive Program in Business Management.

All of her work affords Dyson the opportunity to address the interlocking and converging interests and issues that define her vocation: gender inequality and oppression, economic and political inequity, moral marketing and branding, and local, national, and international affairs. She is also working on two books: The World at My Door: Practicing Cultural-Political Diplomacy and Discovering America: A Spiritual Trail During the 2008 Presidential Primary.

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