Athena Brensberger



Athena Brensberger is a science host and international model. She has a background in astrophysics and creative arts; Athena’s mission is to bridge the gap between art and science. She believes science should be more prominent in the entertainment industry to convey a message to future generations that science is as cool as your favorite celebrity. 

Her goal is to make science as popular as trending memes on social media and to evolve the mindset of the general public. She hopes to create a future where children look up to astronauts and scientists as they do to reality TV stars. 

“If sharing my story might inspire just one person who may feel torn, stuck, or fearful to pursue a life of uncertainty, then I feel as though I’ve begun to make a difference in the future of innovative creators.” - Athena Brensberger

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YouTube Channel: Astroathens

Disruptor Awards