Lazarus Chigwandali


Lazarus Chigwandali was born in Dezda, Malawi in 1980 with the rare genetic skin condition albinism. At a young age, his brother, Petulo, taught him to play the banjo and inspired a lifelong passion for music. After his brother’s untimely passing due to complications with albinism, Lazarus dropped out of school to avoid the stigma he faced because of his skin color and poor eyesight. His love of music brought him to the nearest city, Lilongwe, where he regularly performed on street corners and in shopping malls.

Now the father of two children with albinism, Laijo and Joseph, Lazarus lives outside Lilongwe City where he continues to play his music and develop a unique sound fusing traditional Malawian music and modern folk. He teamed up with RYOT and London-based music producers, Johan Hugo and Esau Mwamwaya, to record his debut album that will be released in 2019. With plans for a US tour, Lazarus’s music will soon be on the global stage amplifying his message further than ever before.

Disruptor Awards