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Lauren Bush Lauren is the founder and CEO of FEED. A native of Texas, Lauren attended Princeton University where she majored in Anthropology. As a sophomore, Lauren had the opportunity to travel with the UN World Food Programme. While visiting regions across Central America, Asia and Africa, Lauren witnessed firsthand the realities of poverty and hunger that people are facing all over the world. Using this experience as an inspiration, Lauren founded FEED as a tangible way for her peers to make an impact in fighting childhood hunger. She lives in New York City with her husband and two sons

FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand, making products that help feed the children of the world. Across a variety of categories, from bags to jewelry to home goods, the sale of each FEED product provides direct meal donations to children in need across the globe. Through on the ground partners, FEED has provided more than 100 million meals to-date since 2007. 


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