Mick Ebeling and Daniel Belquer


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Most recently named one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders, a recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award and listed as one of the most influential creative people by The Creativity 50’s, Mick Ebeling has sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation. As a career producer and filmmaker and now founder and CEO of Not Impossible, Ebeling harvests the power of technology and story to change the world.

His mantra of “commit, then figure it out” allows him to convene a disparate team of hackers, doers, makers and thinkers to create devices that better the world by bringing accessibility for all. This unconventional approach brought to life highly acclaimed initiatives -- the EyeWriter, Project Daniel, Don’s Voice and most recently Music: Not Impossible -- that brought the ability to draw back to a paraplegic street artist, 3D-printed arms to Sudanese amputees, a ‘voice’ to an ALS patient who hadn’t spoken in 15 years, and wearables that let deaf and hearing people alike feel music in a “surround body” experience.

Named one of Wired’s ‘Agents of Change’, a two-time SXSW innovation of the year award winner, a two-time Tribeca Disruptor innovation winner, a fellow with The Nantucket Project, and recipient of every major creative and advertising award, Ebeling is on a mission to provide “Technology for the Sake of Humanity.”

Daniel Belquer is the Director of Technology at Not Impossible Labs, where he focuses on technological innovation through a humanistic lens. Daniel and his team lead the development of Not Impossible’s innovative Vibrotextile™ technology and its varied applications, including Music: Not Impossible. A “surround body” experience, the Music: Not Impossible wearable system provides a nuanced vibrational interpretation of music and sound across the body. Inspired by the deaf community, the result is an enhanced sonic experience for all. While still relatively new, Music: Not Impossible has been hailed by many renowned artists and musicians as a way to truly innovate the way sound is interpreted and incorporated across music and media art forms.

In addition to Music: Not Impossible, Daniel is exploring and developing ways Vibrotextile™ technology can improve people’s lives across a multitude of applications, including health and wellbeing.

A music composer and intermedia artist, Daniel has always been fascinated by electronics, programming and science. A self-taught technologist, he initially approached software development and technological engineering as a way to spur enhanced creativity in artistic and creative endeavors. His research continues to focus on the relationship between machine and metaphysics, questioning the connections between conscience, reality, and social conventions. If you tell him something is impossible, he will ask you why. Daniel’s unconventional and creative approach allows him to develop truly visionary projects at the forefronts of technology and art.

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