Steven Perry


Headshot - Steven Perry.jpeg

Steven is the Assistant Principal, Head of the Agriculture Department at John Bowne High School. Steven attended John Bowne for high school, in 1983, Steve accepted a teaching position in the Agriculture Department. In 1996, Steve accepted the position of Assistant Principal, Supervision/Agriculture. While offered the position of Principal at John Bowne several times, he had refused it in favor of remaining with the Agriculture Program. He has doubled the student enrollment of the program and expanded its curriculum to include: Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Large Anima ls, Aviculture, Aquaponics and Herpetology. The Agriculture Program has one of the highest graduation rates of 98% program graduation rate with a 98.2% national assessment exam pass rate and a 88%-92% college acceptance Rate. Students apart of the program 45%-50% Of college attendees select an Agriculture Related Major. Steve is instrumentally involved in the 9/11 Memorial Survival Tree Seedling Program, a program that donates seedlings from the 9/11 survivor tree to 9/11 memorials as well as to communities that have overcome tragedy. These seedlings are housed and cared for by the students and faculty of his program prior to graduation. 

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