Will Boyajian - Hopeful Cases


Hopeful Cases is a NYC based charity that uses busking and street performing to help combat the ever growing problem of homelessness and poverty on a interpersonal level.  We send performers down into the subways and into the streets to play for those who have, and give to those who have not.

William Boyajain Bio

Will Boyajian is an actor and musician from Albany, NY. Will is the founder of Hopeful Cases, a New York based charity. He created the organization after graduating from Ithaca College in 2012. The charity’s main focus is giving to New York City's homeless population. Since moving to New York City Will has been performing in a number of Off-Broadway/Regional musicals. Will’s mission is to have New Yorkers change the way they think about giving.

Social Media:

Website – hopefulcases.org

Twitter – @HopefulCases

Facebook – @HopefulCases 

Instagram – @hopefulcasesmusic

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