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Nanotronics Imaging are enablers for the next industrial revolution, creating hardware, software and services that deal with the unification of scale. Our microscopes can image over a range previously not thought possible in one instrument. We can look at the macro, micro and atomic scale, and do this all now in 3D. Complex algorithm for the detection, classification and increased resolution of imaging and automation hardware. This ranges from a patented way to avoid the Abbe Limit through image reconstruction, newer types of Sparse data AI, computer vision techniques for creating the fastest nanotopographies in the world and systems for intelligently automating traditionally manual processes.

Accepting on behalf of Nanotronics Imaging is CEO Matthew Putman

Matthew Putman is the CEO of Nanotronics Imaging, a company that is revolutionizing industry and medicine through the imaging and visualization of some of the world’s smallest materials. Matthew holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics. He has published over 30 papers and holds 8 patents for his work on devices, instrumentation and software processes. Matthew is the Science Director and Trustee of Pioneer Works in Brooklyn that brings creative visionaries from many disciplines together to ignite novel new creations. Matthew is a jazz pianist and published poet as well as having been involved as an Executive Producer on several films and plays.

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