Mary Childs


Mary Childs joined Bloomberg News in 2009 and reports on the world’s biggest asset managers, in print, on television, and on radio. She previously covered corporate bonds and derivatives, and in April 2012, she and a team were the first to break the story of the JPMorgan London Whale, a trader who lost the bank more than $6 billion on bad derivative positions. For that work, she and her team were finalists for a Gerald Loeb Award in 2013. Before joining Bloomberg, Childs spent a year traveling the world painting portraits on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, a grant for independent study outside the U.S. She graduated from Washington & Lee University with a degree in business journalism, and after studying at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, wrote an honors thesis on the use and significance of sting operations in media in India and the U.S. Childs, a native of Richmond, Virginia, volunteers for the News Literacy Project, and continues to paint and draw.

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