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On October 4th, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, humankind’s first artificial satellite.  This 184 lb. round ball of metal triggered a response in the United States which is now called The Sputnik Moment — a period of several years that began a scientific, political and cultural transformation in America and was the beginning of a Space Race.

David Hoffman, The Sputnik Moment’s “unofficial historian,” will be accepting for himself and on behalf of the many individuals who worked on Sputnik and all human technological endeavors since.

David Hoffman has been innovative in a number of different professions and disruptive in every one of them. A 50 year veteran documentary filmmaker producing 178 television shows and series mostly for PBS, strategic communications consultant to corporations like AT&T, UTC, Google, Amazon, and GE among others, a startup guy founding 3 businesses, music producer, publisher of 17 books, greeting card creator, Chief Communications Officer (CCO) to several dozen startups, and currently executive producer of Jay Walker’s LabTV. Hoffman lives and works in Santa Cruz California and continues to produce films–“one man band moviemaking” as he calls it, currently using extremely portable equipment as the photograph above indicates.

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