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The recent online obsession over PSY’s video for “Gangnam Style” has turned the Korean artist into a global phenomenon.  “Gangnam Style,” a hit single about the ideal hip/trendy man and woman, has received over 28 million YouTube views so far and has grabbed the attention of Robbie Williams, T Pain, and Josh Groban, as well as several major media outlets such as CNN, The L.A. Times and Huffington Post. But long before the Internet turned PSY into an international sensation, he spent the last 10 years building his career as one of South Korea’s most beloved icons.

Jai-Sang Park, known by his stage name, PSY, is a Korean singer, songwriter and producer.  He attended Berklee College of Music and jokingly takes pride in being a freshman for ten years.  While living on the East Coast, PSY developed a love of hip-hop and later incorporated the urban sound into his debut album, PSY from the PSYcho World!  Both his first album, and his sophomore release, Cheap 2, made PSY popular and controversial among younger fans.  Although he later moved away from a focus on hip-hop, the influence remains throughout his subsequent releases, including his most recent studio album PSY 6 on which “Gangnam Style” is featured.

PSY, a talented and prolific songwriter, has written or co-written every song he has released and has penned successful songs for many popular artists in Korea.  Most recently, PSY was asked to write the official fight song for the South Korean national team in the 2012 London Olympics.  The song, titled “Korea”, showcases PSY’s signature sound accented by traditional Korean instruments and melodies.  He brought the modern spirit of Korean people, culture and history to life in the accompanying music video, further igniting the world’s interest in PSY.

More than just a singer/songwriter, PSY is known for his energetic and flamboyant performances both on stage and in his music videos.  He is the master of weaving together music, dance, humor, theatrics and shocking visuals, the result of which are PSY-signature style videos such as “Right Now”.  With an upcoming sold out concert in Seoul on August 11th at the Jamsil Sports Complex, PSY is once again ready to prove to his fans that he is the consummate showman.  His concerts are highly anticipated sold-out events that showcase his artistry and vision.  The music video for “It’s Art”, a kaleidoscopic montage of PSY’s live performances, captures the heart of a PSY concert experience — a pulse pounding, emotionally charged experience for the senses.

With the spotlight shining on him, PSY is excited to bring his “Gangnam Style” to the rest of the world.

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