Norma Kamali



Norma Kamali is known for her innovative style and inventive approach to fashion.  She is known for directional, timeless concepts such as the sleeping bag coat, the high-heeled sneaker, clothing made from actual parachutes, influential swimwear, sweatshirt clothing as the forerunner of casual clothing and a collection of packable, wearable and multi-style clothing. Celebrities are naturally drawn to Norma’s clothing from Madonna to Raquel Welch to Beyonce today.  Norma launched her website in the mid- nineties and uses technology and fashion for all types of communication and events.  Her latest 3D fashion films bring the product pages of her website to life, literally popping off the screen.  Her interest in public schools has been a key part of her community activities for the last 18 years.  KamaliKulture is a platform for her empowerment initiative for women, and an important part of her long term goals as a fashion designer. 

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