Nigel Jacob and Chris Osgood - Street Bump App



Street Bump App is City of Boston’s newest mobile phone app designed to help Boston residents improve their neighborhoods. Taking advantage of the sensors on smart phones, Street Bump will provide the City with a near-real time picture of Boston’s road conditions and the location of its potholes. Accepting on behalf of the app are Nigel Jacob & Chris Osgood, Co-Chairs, Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics.

A project of Boston’s Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, Street Bump helps residents improve their neighborhood streets. Volunteers use the Street Bump mobile app to collect road condition data while they drive. Street Bump utilizes two of the phone’s sensors, its accelerometer and GPS. The sensors detect “bumps” that the City maps. Boston aggregates the data across users to provide the city with real-time information to fix short-term problems and plan long-term investments. In partnership with New Urban Mechanics, Connected Bits designed and developed the app, collaborating with IDEO and building upon research by Professor Fabio Carrera. The City of Boston will make the app freely available so others can use and build on the project’s efforts.

Angela Brugioni