Jason Kottke



A pioneering blogger since 1998, Kottke used crowd funding to keep his blog running and has created one of the most influential voices on the Internet through consistent yet eclectic curation. Jason currently lives in NYC where he works on kottke.org and Stellar, a site for collecting and sharing your favorite things. You can find him on Twitter, Stellar, Flickr,Instagram, Quarterly, Vimeo, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. kottke.org is one of the longest continuously running blogs on the web, having been in operation for 17.7728 years. Approximately. It’s primarily written by Jason Kottke but has also been helmed by a number of guest editors over the years, including Ainsley Drew, Tim Carmody, Sarah Pavis, Aaron Cohen, Choire Sicha, and Adam Lisagor. The editorial direction of the site is all over the place but clusters around a pair of hand-wavy ideas: the liberal arts 2.0 and people are awesome.

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