The team at Xtranormal accepting for pioneering text-to-video animation technology:Graham Sharp, President Sylvio Drouin, CTO, Bruno Langlais, VP of Marketing

Xtranormal provides free online tools that allow anyone to create movies and publish them online. You can select the characters, location, voices and sound effects and type your own script into the movie maker. After you publish a video on the Xtranormal website, you can share it with other people on your WordPress blog by using the Xtranormal player embed code provided on the website. Depending on the sharing settings, you can also embed videos created by other people, if the creator allows it. Mr. Drouin served as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Products at Xtranormal. He was also Chief Technology Officer of Tiny Pictures (mobile photo sharing) in charge of building consumer facing infrastructure supporting millions of users. Mr. Drouin has published hundreds of whitepapers, submitted more than 15 patents and designed sophisticated software in the fields of interactive television, interactive Web video, networking technologies, visual programming tools and advanced user interfaces.

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